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I Resist Nothing

This brilliant topic was brought to my attention by Eckhart Tolle's book, The Power of Now. In short, he explains that we should not resist ANY situation. He teaches about being fully present in the Now (the present moment) and that whatever is happening in the Now is exactly what should be happening.

Because that gets us in a lot of trouble, right? What we think should be happening. And the accompanying resistance is what causes us pain, which doesn't happen when we choose to accept.

I kind of think of those hard situations in life like a Chinese finger trap. Remember those? You have to push into the trap in order for it to release. Likewise, if we lean into these difficult situations rather than immediately try to run away from them by wishing they would change, we can be free of the pain.

But isn't pain and suffering how we learn hard lessons and grow? Yes, it's one method.

A quicker method though is to feel the vulnerability of acceptance. To surrender your strong …

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